for tensile tests on steel bars and compression test on cubes and cylinders
to ASTM C39, ASTM E4, BS 1610, NF P 18-411, DIN 51220, AASHTO T22



British Standard BS610

Other Standards ASTM C39, ASTM E4, AASHTO T22

Weight (kg)900

Tariff 902490 00 0

Universal tensile/compression machine, motorised, measuring system with fully automatic touch screen control.

This compact machine, is used to carry out tensile tests on steel reinforced bars from 6mm to 25mm diameter and flat bars up to 25mm x 15mm maximum size.

It can also be used to carry out compression tests on concrete cubes up to 150mm and cylinders up to a maximum of 160mm x 320mm.

The four column load frame assures high rigidity and stability. The double action loading piston is rectified and lapped. The piston is protected by a hydraulic maximum and minimum piston stroke’s security device, to avoiding the risk of damage due to misuse. A hydraulic selector allows the user to select either the tensile or the compression test. The heads holding the jaws are machined from a single block of high tungsten steel and the jaws are hardened to over 65 HRC. The "V” auto-clamping form allows quick and practical positioning of the specimen.

The machine is supplied complete with a pair of jaw-holders, but without accessories for tensile and compression tests,

Accessories must be purchased separately

Technical Specification

Maximum tensile load

500 kN

Maximum compression load

1500 kN

Distance between the jaws

min. 300 mm - max. 400 mm

Distance between the compression platens

340 mm

Distance between the columns

270 mm

Piston’s stroke

100 mm

Precision and repeatability

± 1% of read value

Power supply

230V 50Hz 1ph 750 W


780 x 420 x 1700


850 - 900 kg