Autoclave LES-7441 (Floor Standing)

This Vertical Autoclaves is fully automatic microprocessor controlled. A single lever assisted door handle makes the lid extremely easy to open and close and the door interlock ensures safety. The internal floating probe means that the cycle starts when the autoclave contents are up to temperature. The printer option is by means of a dot matrix printer which records 3 x temperature channels, 1 x Pressure channel and FO value. It is the ideal autoclave for use in Laboratories.

Model LES-7441
Class "N"
Type Vertical
Voltage AC 230V
Power Supply 3.5 Kw
Design Temperature 140C
Sterilizing Temperature 110 / 122 C
Sterilizing Pressure 10 - 17 psi
Chamber Working Size  45 x 71 cm
Chamber Capacity 113 Lt
Auto-Add Water Manual
Printer Option Yes
External Dimensions 72.5 x 54.5 x 105 cm
Safety Device Yes
N.W. 95 kg
G.W . 156 kg
Standard Accessories -  Baskets (2 Pc)
-  (Φ) 35 x  (H) 40 cm